Join the collective!

Midland Junction Collective is a volunteer organisation, and while we’ll happily embrace you helping out with an event here and there, we kind of need money to survive and keep doing great things.

As a financial member of the Midland Junction Collective you’ll:

  • be added to our mailing list
  • get access to an even greater range of updates and helpful articles on this site
  • be able join groups or use messaging in the MJC portal
  • have the right to vote in MJC annual general meetings
  • be able to run for office and make an even more direct impact on MJC activities
  • possibly even get discounts to events, if they are offered.

You also considered a member of a Town Team and gain all the advantages that gives you with the Town Team Movement.

Level Price  
Friend of Midland Free.
Membership expires on June 30, 2024.

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