Midland train station Community Reference Group

We are so thrilled to have a seat at the table to be part of the MetroNet Community Reference Group for the Midland Train Station redevelopment.

As part of this process we have reached out to community to get your questions or concerns, and we aim to provide you with the feedback and answers as they come to hand.

The questions you have asked are listed below, just as you sent them to us. Keep an eye out on this page and we’ll post the answers to these questions as we get them.

**Please note – Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we have had to postpone our first meeting. We are now due to meet as a Community Reference Group on Wednesday July 14th **

  • Will the area of car parking be the same or a larger area than the current area at Midland Station?
  • Charging bays for EVs? Will the car park be leased out? ie: parking will be charged per hour? Where will the secure bicycle parking be? I could not see it on the map.
  • Rather than a 24/7 publicly accessible pedestrian overpass to connect the north and south sides of the rail corridor and provide access to all platforms during station operations, why not an underpass instead to allow easier access people with disabilities (wheelchair, blind, physically weaker, people with prams? It works for the Perth Central train station. Camera surveillance could be installed for security and it gives better protection from rain and hot sun. As the site works for the station haven’t started now is a good time to work through infrastructure matters. Might also need to ask who will be building/running the 600 bay multi-storey car park. Best for it to paid for and administered by public sector rather than private companies on a 99 year contract.
  • Can we have some feedback on heritage representation, e.g. heritage listed Oak tree and hopefully its preservation and plans for historic trees that for the Cale St crossing to proceed will be destroyed, can these also be preserved
  • What environmental and climate change elements or responses have been included in the design – battery charging, passenger shade/cover, water run off, green roof, materials less concrete for heat sink & recycling and gardens with trees etc What design rating would it receive??? Why is the station being moved? What level of analysis went into this decision on the use of tax payers money versus leaving the station in the existing location
  • They also need to listen to the experts on where to put the sensory things to guide people with vision impairment. They didn’t at the bus station and it’s ridiculous where they put them. The underpass isn’t great at Perth because of the long ramp to the Joondalup, Mandurah stations. It’s a pain if you’re using a manual chair
  • Will there be a bus from the parking building to the actual train station?
  • How will the new station encourage as many people as possible to catch the train without needing to drive to the station first, such as safe and convenient walking and cycling connections – (beyond the shared path along the rail line)?
  • Why is the current station so unfit for purpose? I would also like to know what will happen to the car parks and land that the existing train station sits on, will it be given back to green space? Will it go up for sale? Are there any plans currently before the council or the state government for this land?
  • I’d like to know the volume of traffic that uses the Heles st crossing at the moment and what impact this will have on the the Morrison road/Great Eastern intersection and Lloyd st/Clayton St traffic light areas as they are both already busy, especially morrison/great eastern where you can wait several changes of lights before being able to turn left or go straight over……. sorry long winded, I know
  • Is there a covered walkway between the parking building and the new station as I think it’s quite a long walk especially if trying to connect with train or bus. Is the parking building just for public transport passengers? 
  • That’s quite a distance between the station and the parking. Id like to know what the actual distance is? What plans are put in place in regards to being able to expand in the future if needed if the line gets extended etc.?
  • Would be much better on the other side of Lloyd St.
  • Safe clean public toilets able & /disabled type. Secure lighting especially in dark parts of car park. Its a great happening for Midland and not before time. Well done to those who have been busy taking care of Midland and surrounding residents interests, l thank you 
  • Gosh this is going to impact Centrepoint shopping Centre
  • Why?
  • The purple coloured Midland Junction Collective designated parking area in the plans hopefully will not compromise the heritage listed oak tree and the planned new level crossing will possibly remove other historic trees, are there plans to retain these trees?
  • Closing Helena street is just going to make the worst bottle neck in history,
  • Is it true the crossing near the old train station is closing that would be crazy? 
  • My question pertains to current Midland bus interchange site; the gum trees that live there at present. Can the collective obtain information with regard to future planning of the current bus interchange site and any plans for preservation of fauna thereon please? 
  • No ramps! Those people with mobility problems can also have an issue with getting themselves up a ramp however long and slight the slope. Aged people need an elevator or travelator getting into a shopping center, does this not tell you the station is going to need at least the same or more. Common sense.
  • So the next question is, how much green space will there be as a % and EXACTLY how many trees will be planted?
  • Will there be a ‘CAT bus’ type of service to frequently pick up people from wider parts of midland to take them to the station?

Want to learn more about the Midland train station redevelopment? Click on the link below and if you have any questions send us a quick email.

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  1. The new station will be a fantastic asset for Midland and located in a better position than the current station. My main worry is in the design of the new station and how it will look. I think people on the consultation group need to be wary of any design that is too post-modern in looks and function. Many of the stations on the Joondalup line were praised at the time of construction for how they looked, and I believe some even won architectural awards. However, I believe these stations have not stood the test of time and now look dated and tired. I am hoping the Midland station avoids this and is not covered in steel and glass, as this would not fit in with Midland’s historic look and feel. It would also be nice if the new station could make use of a lot of brick that matches the railway workshops and new hospital.
    There is no reason it could not be the new centerpiece of Midland but it will need to be done right. One only has to look at the current Midland station to see what happens when it goes wrong.

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