Town Team Charter

Midland Junction Collective is part of a positive movement of citizen-led action focussed groups focussed on creating connected, resilient communities and better places.

All across Australia and New Zealand, town teams are getting down and getting things done in our communities.

We all do this in different ways but the one thing we have in common is the Town Team Charter

The Town Team Charter

The Guiding Principles

  1. Positive
    Town Teams are positive influences in their community and lead by example. They foster a can-do culture and build beneficial relationships wherever possible.
  2. Proactive
    Town Teams are action-focussed and take some responsibility for improving their community and place. They help deliver actions, events or projects. They don’t wait for governments or “somebody else” to do “something”.
  3. Apolitical and Independent
    This approach is beyond politics. Town Teams do not advocate for or align with political parties or candidates. They are independent from governments, but work closely and constructively with them. They work for the benefit of their communities, not for individual or factional advancement.
  4. Inclusive
    Town Teams are open and inclusive to all, including people who live, work, run a business, own property or visit their area.
    They celebrate diversity.
  5. Resilient and Sustainable
    Town Teams help to create resilient, connected and sustainable places for current and future generations. This includes environmental, social, economic and governance components of resilience and sustainability. They also help create healthy and vibrant ‘places for people’.
  6. Integrity, Honesty and Respect
    Town Teams and their members operate with integrity, honesty and respect at all times.

One Last Thing!

Town teams make the journey and the experiences along the way constructive and creative. Creating connections across your community through social events can open up amazing opportunities for people to find new ways to change their places. Whether it is a small change or a big event, it is all part of making the world a better place